Message Setup

This guide aims to help walk you through each step of Birthday Bot's message setup process as well as show the functionality of our interactive setup commands.

In this guide, we will be using Birthday Bot's interactive message setup command.

Start by using bday setup message.

The first prompt in the optional setup process will ask for a time to send the birthday message. This server setting allows server admins to prevent pinging users at the default midnight time.

For this example we will input 9 as our time, which corresponds to 9-AM.

The only input accepted for this step is 0-23, 0 being 12-AM (midnight), and 23 being 11-PM.

Once you have set the message time, you will now receive a prompt to set which group to mention when running the birthday message.

Whichever group or role you select will be the group/role which is mentioned (@Input) when a birthday message is sent.

This setting decides which "group" to mention when the birthday message is sent.

Learn more here.

For this example, we will select the input everyone, which will @everyone when a birthday message is sent.

You do not have to mention the group/role when inputting your desired setting.

Once the message mention setting has been set, you will receive a prompt for the use embed setting.

For this example we will enable this option by clicking the check mark.

Finally, the bot will show us a summary of the settings we selected during this setup.

This completes the message setup process. To learn about custom birthday messages please visit here. Each server can have up to 10 custom birthday messages (500 w/ Birthday Bot Premium) which the bot will choose from (at random) for each birthday.

For other server setting commands which are not in the setup interactive guide please visit here.