User Privacy

FAQ for how Birthday Bot protects users' privacy.

Should I give Birthday Bot my birth year?

Submitting your birth year is completely optional. If you do, by default it will be hidden to all servers, and you can configure which servers to show it in, or to show it in all. When your birth year is not hidden, people will be able to see it in /next, /view, /list, as well as birthday messages through the {Age} and {Year} placeholders.

How do the user privacy settings work?

By default, Birthday Bot does not show your birth year/age to anyone.

There are two settings that decide how your information is shown. Firstly, there is the global setting. This setting is used when you have not set a specific setting for a server. By Default the global settings are the following:

  • Show Birthday: True

  • Show Age: False

This means that by default Birthday Bot will show your birthday (Month & Day) in all servers that you are in which also have Birthday Bot. However, Birthday Bot will not show your age anywhere by default as well.

To change a global setting use the /user edit command.

  • /user edit show_birthday

  • /user edit show_age

The second setting is the server specific setting. This setting, as the name suggests, is specific to each server you configure it in. If you set a server setting, it will override the global.

To change a server setting use the /user_server edit command.

  • /user_server edit show_birthday

  • /user_server edit show_age

These settings allow you to strictly configure which servers can see your birthday and birth year/age.


  • If you disable your birthday it will effectively disable your age. This is because there is no part of Birthday Bot which uses your birth year/age and not your birthday.

  • Time zones are tied to your birthday privacy settings. If you hide your birthday your time zone will also be hidden.

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