FAQ for users setting up their birthdays through Birthday Bot.

I can't find my time zone.

Kevin Novak has created a handy map time zone picker!

Simply click your location on the map, and use the name displayed in the drop-down box as your time zone.

You can then take your time zone name and use it in the /set command.

Why does Birthday Bot need my time zone?

Birthday Bot will use your time zone to know the exact hour to celebrate your birthday. If Birthday Bot did not know your time zone, then it would most likely give your the birthday role and/or send the birthday message too early or too late.

Why does Birthday Bot only need my birth month and day?

Birthday Bot will use your birth month and day to decide when to celebrate your birthday. You can optionally set your birth year, but it is not required.

I entered my time zone as EST, but Birthday Bot detected the wrong time zone.

As shown, when a user runs /set, Birthday Bot does not accept abbreviated time zones like EST, UST, etc. However, even when users enter an incorrect time zone, Birthday Bot will attempt to find the best fit for the user. For example, entering newyork as your time zone will trigger the bot to detect America/New_York as your time zone, or in this case, entering EST as your time zone will trigger the bot to select the Australia/WEST time zone. (This specific case no longer applies since abbreviated timezones like EST are now automatically refused by the bot, however, the concept still applies).

Why am I required to vote?

I actively develop, host, and maintain Birthday Bot for people to use with the ability to pay absolutely nothing. Voting is one of the most essential aspects of promoting Discord bots and is essential to keep Birthday Bot growing. While I understand voting can be a pain, it is the only thing required to use and support Birthday Bot and as a perk; with Birthday Bot Premium, no one in your server has to vote.

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