General FAQ for admins setting up Birthday Bot.

What is a Celebration Event?

There are three types of events, all falling under the title of "Celebration Event":
  • Birthday Event - The typical event of a user's birthday.
  • Member Anniversary Event - The yearly anniversary of a member joining the server.
  • Server Anniversary Event - The yearly anniversary of the creation of a server.
With the introduction of anniversaries in the Birthday Bot 3.0 update, the member anniversary and server anniversary events were added to represent when a member joined the server and when the server was created. Because of this, the bot was no longer exclusively birthday events, and I started using the "Celebration Event" term to represent any of the three of these events.

What is an embed?

An example of a message embed is to run the command bday help! You will notice the message is specially formatted using Discord API. By default the birthday message is embedded; however, if you use a link to a GIF or image in your custom birthday message, they will not work in an embedded message, so turning this option off is what you would want.

I don't have permission to use that command.

Server configuration commands (and some sub-commands) require users to have the MANAGE_SERVER permission in order to use them. However, if your server has set the Birthday Master Role, users can use these commands if they have either.

What is the Name Format setting?

You may have run into a bug with Discord where the bot is displaying a bunch of numbers (like: <@478288246858711040>) instead of correctly mentioning a user. This can happen either because that user has left the Discord or because Discord's cache wasn't up to date.
To fix this, I added the Name Format setting which decides in which format Birthday Bot should display users.
There are currently four options:
Mention (default):
  • Displays the user in the typical @User format.
  • Example: @Stqlth
  • Displays the user's username boldened.
  • Example: Stqlth
  • Displays the user's nickname (or username, if a nickname is not set) boldened.
  • Example: Scott
  • Displays the user's username followed by their discriminator.
  • Example: Stqlth#0001

What is the server time zone setting?

The time zone setting is the time zone for your server, this has a couple uses.
Firstly, when a user is setting their birthday for the first time in your server, if the time zone is set, the user will be suggested to use the time zone that the server uses (they can still choose a different one).
Secondly, it can also be used to decide the time a birthday message/role is sent/given. This is dependent on the use time zone setting.
Lastly, all Member Anniversaries and Server Anniversaries are celebrated based on the server time zone. Because of this, for either anniversary to work, the server time zone must be set.

What is the use time zone setting?

If the server time zone is set, then servers can decide which time zone to use for the birthday celebration. If this setting is set to server, all birthday events will happen based on the server's time zone and if this setting is set to user, all birthday events will happen based on the user's time zone.
Note: If the use time zone setting is set to server and the server time zone is not set, then the user's time zone will be used for birthday events.

What is the Date Format setting?

The date format setting decides how Birthday Bot detects birthdays when users are setting their birthday in your server. There are two options. The default, month_day and day_month. They function as their name suggests. For instance, if your server is using the month_day setting then the bot will detect the day 01/12 as January 12th. However, if your server is using the day_month setting then the bow will detect the date 01/12 as December 1st.

What is the Birthday Blacklist?

The birthday blacklist is a system that allows servers to prevent a member or members with a specific role from having their birthday celebrated. This is to help server owners prevent members from abusing the system by setting their birthday multiple times.

What is the Post Mode setting?

The post mode setting is used to configure what actions the bot uses when posting an event message. By default, this setting is set to Post Only and is the only option for the free version of Birthday Bot. Premium servers can choose two other options:
Post and Pin - The bot will post the event message and also pin it in the channel
Thread - The bot will post the event message and start a thread for it.
This setting can be configured for the the birthday, member anniversary, and server anniversary systems individually.