Setting Your Birthday

This guide aims to help walk you through each step of setting your Birthday!
Please Note, the screenshots in this guide have not yet been updated for the slash commands update.

First Step

Birthday Bot makes everything easy using an easy-to-follow process.
Start by using /set.
Birthday Bot uses time zones to detect when to celebrate each user's birthday. If you are unsure of your time zone, you can find it here.
Now, you can then reply to this message with your desired time zone.
Birthday Bot will now know your time zone and will use this to know what time to celebrate your birthday!
Now, Birthday Bot will prompt you to put your birth month & day in the following format: MM/DD.
Simply reply to this message with your desired date.
Finally, the confirmation menu will appear.
Ensure this is the correct information, then confirm by clicking on the checkmark.
For users, that is it! Server owners will have to do a bit more, but Birthday Bot makes it easy with an interactive setup. For more information on server setup, follow our guide here.
Birthday Bot stores your information in a secure database, but also allows users to remove their personal data at any time.
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