Birthday System

FAQ for information about the birthday system.

Can I set birthdays for my users?

No, unfortunately. Birthdays are stored globally, which means your birthday in Discord Server A is the same as in Discord Server B. As a result, we cannot give server owners control over their user's information, due to it being able to affect other servers.
However, server admins can SUGGEST a birthday for a user. This means an admin can input all of the information but at the end, the user must confirm the inputted information.

Birthday Bot announced/gave the birthday role/message at the incorrect time.

Two things affect a birthday message time.
First is your guild server message time (configure this with /edit hour type:<type> hour:<0-23>), if for example, you run this: /edit hour type:birthday hour:9, the birthday message will send at 9 am for the birthday user. The type refers to the event type, possible values include Birthday, Member Anniversary, and Server Anniversary.
Secondly is the birthday user's time zone, which is set when users run /set. For example, if my time zone is America/New_York, and my guild message time (see above) is 9 am, the birthday role will be given at 12 am in America/New_York, and the birthday message will be sent at 9 am America/New_York.
If you are in a different time zone than the birthday user, the birthday message and/or the birthday role may appear to have been sent at an incorrect time.

What is the birthday channel?

The birthday channel is the channel where the bot will announce birthdays; however, it is not required for the bot to work. For example, if you do not set the birthday channel, Birthday Bot will only attempt to give birthday users the birthday role.

What is the birthday role?

The birthday role is the role that the bot will give to users on their birthday; however, it is not required for the bot to work. For example, if you do not set the birthday role, Birthday Bot will only attempt to send a birthday message in the birthday channel.

What does it mean by the birthday role is actively removed?

Instead of tracking 24 hours after each birthday to remove the role, Birthday Bot simply removes the role from anyone whose birthday it isn't every hour. This means you should refrain from making the Birthday Role a role that can be received by any other means.

What is the birthday blacklist?

The birthday blacklist is an easy way for server owners to ban users or roles from Birthday Bot in their Discord. Instead of using something like the trusted system, which decides who does have their birthday celebrated, the birthday blacklist is a list of people and roles who do not have their birthday celebrated. The blacklist supersedes the trusted role system, meaning, someone who is both on the birthday blacklist or has a role in the birthday blacklist and who has the trusted role, will still not have their birthday celebrated.