Permanent Lists

Outlines what exactly permanent lists and how to set them up.

What are permanent lists?

All servers are able to use the /list command in order to generate a list of all of the birthdays or member anniversaries on their server. However, this list must be interacted with through buttons, or regenerated by running the command again in order to be updated.

Permanent lists allow premium servers to set up a list in a channel, and Birthday Bot will automatically refresh the list every hour. This keeps the list up to date with all the most recent birthdays and anniversaries and is easy for users to quickly glance at knowing it is up to date.

Permanent lists also have buttons much like the normal lists in case your server is too large to fit on a single page.

How do I set up a permanent lists?

If your server is a Birthday Bot premium subscriber simply run the /permlist create command and be sure to specify what type of list you want to generate and what channel you want the list to be generated in.

I accidentally deleted the permanent list message what should I do?

If you accidentally deleted the channel or message which contained the permanent lists don't worry. Simply run the /permlist create command again to regenerate the list.

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