Premium Features

A list and explanation of all Birthday Bot Premium features. Thanks for considering supporting development!

No voting

With Birthday Bot Premium, members in your server will not have to vote for any command (you are already supporting the bot!).

Priority Message Posting

Birthday Bot processes hundreds of thousands of servers every hour when sending celebration messages. This process can take up to 10 minutes to complete so some messages aren't able to be sent at exactly the start of the hour. Due to this, the bot prioritized servers with premium to ensure their messages are sent first.

User-specific custom messages

A user-specific custom message is a message which is set for a specific user in your Discord and will only be sent for that user. Premium servers can set user-specific custom messages for birthdays and member anniversaries because, obviously, there are not user-specific messages for server anniversaries since they do not involve users.


/message add type:<type> message:<message> - mention the user instead of using the {Users} placeholder

Example usage:

/message add type:birthday message:Happy birthday @Stqlth! Hope you have a great day!

/message add type:memberAnniversary message:Woah, @Stqlth is celebrating %Year% year(s) in %Server%!

bday message remove type:<type> position:<position> - remove a custom message.

/message list type:userSpecificBirthday - list all user-specific birthday messages.

/message list type:userSpecificMemberAnniversary - list all user-specific member anniversary messages.

Custom Message Embed Settings

With Birthday Bot Premium servers are able to edit the Color, Title, Footer, and Image of a custom message of any type. For these settings to take effect the custom message must have true for the embed setting.

Up to 500 Custom Messages Of Each Type

The free version of Birthday Bot can have 3 of each type of custom messages (only 1 for server anniversaries); however, Birthday Bot Premium servers can have up to 500 of each type. (500 birthday messages, 500 member anniversary messages, etc.)


/message add type:<type> message:<message> - add a custom message.


/message add type:birthday message:Happy birthday {Users}!

/message add type:memberAnniversary message:Woah, {Users} have been in {Server} for {Year} year(s)! Congrats!

Member Anniversary Roles

Member Anniversary Roles are a Birthday Bot Premium-only feature. These are roles given to a member on their member anniversary. For example, someone celebrating their 5th year in a Discord will be given the 5-Year Veteran role if it is set as a member anniversary role for year 5. Each year can only have one associated role.

You can have up to 250 member anniversary roles! (I doubt you will use them all.)

Multiple Trusted Roles

Trusted roles decide who in your server has their birthday celebrated, along with also having specific settings to decide if trusted roles should block only messages, roles, or both. Free servers can have one trusted role, but premium servers can have up to 250.

Additionally, the new RequireAllTrustedRoles setting decides if a user needs all of the trusted roles to have their birthday celebrated. If set to false, however, users will only need one of the trusted roles to have their birthday celebrated.

Multiple Custom Events

Custom Events allow for servers to celebrated different types of events that aren't already pre-programmed into Birthday Bot. These events can be anything from holidays to fictional birthdays, anything your server wants a custom message to be sent for at a specific day and hour., yearly, or only once.

Each Event has a Custom Message tied to it. This means you can configure every setting of the custom message as you would a Birthday or Anniversary Message. Additionally, each event has it's own ping setting and name.

Permanent Lists

The /list command is a powerful command to see all the birthdays and member anniversaries in your server. With Birthday Bot Premium servers can set up a permanently list which Birthday Bot will refresh every 15 minutes to ensure the list always stays up to date.

Filter Birthday Messages Based on Placeholders

With the introduction of birth years and ages users now have the ability to set their birth years while also maintaining the ability to hide it from whichever servers they like. This also added the {Age} and {Year} placeholder for birthday messages but not all users will have a year/age in their message.

With this setting, when enabled, users without a year set will only use custom messages with out either of those placeholders, and users with a year will only use custom messages with them.

Support Development!

I started Birthday Bot as an open-source free birthday manager for any Discord server. While the majority of features are still available for free, premium has been added to help pay for the server cost as Birthday Bot continues to grow because up until now it has all been paid for out of my pocket. However, Premium is completely optional and I understand if you stick with the free version as it will continue to be actively updated and added to.

Other ways to support Birthday Bot:

/vote - vote for our bot!

/donate - donate any amount!

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