Premium Features

A list and explanation of all Birthday Bot Premium features. Thanks for considering supporting development!

No voting

With Birthday Bot Premium members in your server will not have to vote for any commands (you are already supporting the bot!).

User specific birthday messages

A user specific birthday message is a birthday message that will only be used for the specified user. Each user can only have one user specific message and on a user's birthday who has a user specific message, all other messages are ignored and Birthday Bot will always use their specific message.


bday message add <User> <Message> - adds a user specific birthday message.

- Example usage: bday message add @Scott Happy birthday <Users>!

bday message remove <user> - remove a user specific birthday message.

bday message list user - list all user specific messages.

Custom Birthday Message Embed Color

The birthday message embed color is the color on the left side of the birthday message embed. This setting won't apply if your use embed setting is set to false.


bday message color [color] - set the color of the birthday message embed.

- Example usage: bday message color #34A4EB

- Example usage: bday message color crimson

Up to 500 Custom Birthday Messages

The free version of Birthday Bot can have up to 10 custom birthday messages, however, the premium version can have up to 500!


bday message add <Message> - add a custom birthday message.

Support Development!

I started Birthday Bot as an open source free birthday manager for any discord server. While the majority of features are still available for free, premium has been added in order to help pay for the server cost as Birthday Bot continues to grow because up until now it has all been paid for out of my pocket. However, premium is completely optional and I understand if you stick with the free version as it will continue to be actively updated and added to.

Other ways to support Birthday Bot:

bday vote - vote for our bot!

bday donate - donate any amount!