This page lists all usage and information about Birthday Bot's commands.

Prefix: bday

Please note the space after bday in the prefix. Each command should be run as follows: bday <command> Example Command Usage: bday set


premium - View information about birthday bot premium.

subscribe - Subscribe to birthday bot premium.

set - Set your birthday.

purge - Remove your birthday data.

next - View the next birthday(s) in the server.

bday list [page/date] - View the list of birthdays for the server.

view [name] - View your birthday or a user's birthday.

invite - Invite Birthday Bot to a server.

support - Join the support server.

map - View the timezone map.


help - Help with Birthday Bot.

help setup - Help for server setup.

help setup message - Help for the birthday message settings.

help setup trusted - Help for the trusted system.

help permissions - Help for permissions.

help premium - Help for birthday bot premium.

settings - View server's settings.

Server Configuration (Administrators only)

test [User] - Test the birthday event. Optional parameter of a user.

Required Settings

setup - Interactive guide for server setup.

create <channel/role> - Create the default birthday role/channel.

update <channel/role> <#channel/@role> - Update the birthday role/channel.

clear <channel/role> - Clear the birthday role/channel.

Birthday Message Settings

setup message - Interactive guide for message settings setup.

message list [page] - List all custom birthday messages.

message add <message> - Add a custom birthday message. <Users> is the placeholder for the messages to mention the birthday users.

message remove <position> - Remove a certain birthday message.

message clear - Clear all custom birthday messages.

message time <0-23> - Set the birthday message time.

message mention <role/group> - Set the birthday message mention setting.

message embed <T/F> - Should the birthday message be embedded.

message test <position> [user count] - Test a birthday message.

Trusted System Settings

setup trusted - Interactive guide for trusted system settings setup.

create trustedRole - Create the default trusted role.

updated trustedRole <channel/role> - Update the trusted role.

clear trustedRole - Clear the trusted role.

trusted preventMsg <T/F> - If trusted role is required for a birthday message.

trusted preventRole <T/F> - If trusted role is required to get the birthday role.

Permissions Settings

create birthdayMasterRole - Create the default birthday master role.

update birthdayMasterRole <Role> - Update the birthday master role.

clear birthdayMasterRole - Clear the birthday master role.

blacklist add <User> - Add user to the birthday blacklist.

blacklist remove <User> - Remove user from the blacklist.

blacklist clear - Clear the birthday blacklist.

blacklist list - View the birthday blacklist list.

Premium Commands

premium - View information about your server's premium.

message add <User> <Message> - Add a user specific birthday message. User <Users> as the placeholder. Full example usage: bday message add @Scott Happy Birthday <Users>!

message remove <user/position> - Remove a certain birthday message.

message list user [page] - View all user specific birthday messages.

message color [color] - Set the birthday message embed color.