Anniversary Update

Guide to the new 3.0 Birthday Bot Update.

Introducing Anniversaries!

There are two types of anniversaries, member anniversaries and server anniversaries. A Member Anniversary is a yearly celebration of when a user first joined a server while a Server Anniversary is a yearly celebration of when the Discord server was created.

Both of these have their own settings similar to the ones currently in place for the Birthday System. For instance, you can now set a channel, custom messages, message times, and the mention setting. The message system was also revamped to work with these different message types and now each message can have a different use embed and color setting (These replace the old global settings of these types but all your current messages have already had the old settings applied to them). Additionally, much like user-specific birthday messages, premium servers can now add user-specific member anniversary messages.

Additionally, Birthday Bot can also automatically give users roles based on how long they have been a part of a server. For example, a server could have a 5-Year Veteran role given to members on their five-year member anniversary. This is done through the new Member Anniversary Role system which is a premium-only feature.

Please note the anniversary system requires the DefaultTimezone of a server to be set.


This update brings a ton of changes to command syntax, bug fixes, and overall design changes.

  • As stated above, previously, servers could set the message color (premium) and useEmbed setting.

    • Now, these are specific to each message! This means some messages can be embedded while others are not and each message can have a different color.

    • Removed commands for setting these globally.

  • Updated commands which dealt with the birthday system now require a "type" argument.

    • For example, when updating channels you will need to specify if you are updating the birthday, memberAnniversary, or serverAnniversary channel.

    • This also applies to adding/removing/clearing/listing messages, editing message settings, etc.

  • Added the NameFormat setting to decide how Birthday Bot will display users in messages. (Avoid the discord bug of just a bunch of numbers showing!)

  • Added the DefaultTimezone setting to be used for anniversaries and suggesting the timezone for users.

    • Added the UseTimezone setting to decide which to use for birthday celebrations.

  • Reduced the number of custom messages for non-premium servers.

    • Up to 3 custom birthday messages

    • Up to 3 custom member anniversary messages

    • Up to 1 custom server anniversary message

Premium Changes & Additions

Thank you to all the Birthday Bot Premium subscribers for your support! Birthday Bot wouldn't be possible without you!

  • Added Member Anniversary Roles as stated above

    • These roles are given permanently to the user on whatever year the anniversary role is set to!

    • Max of 250.

    • There can only be one role per year.

    • Example: The 5-Year Veteran role can be added as a Member Anniversary role for year 5, so when a member reaches their 5th year in a server, they will receive the role.

  • Moves the message color to be message-specific

    • This means each message can be a different color!

  • Have up to 500 of each custom message type

  • Added support for multiple trusted roles

    • Up to 250 trusted roles

    • Added the new RequireAllTrustedRoles setting which decides if a user needs all of the trusted roles to have their birthday celebrated.

Coming Soon!

If you have any other suggestions, join our support server here to suggest them!

  • Slash Command Support

    • Slash commands will completely replace the current command system in the near future.

  • Button Support

    • Like slash commands, buttons will soon be added to commands where reactions were previously used as buttons.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

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