Custom Events

Custom Events are events created by a server at a specific date and time (yearly or not if given a year) which have a custom message tied to them. The bot will send this message to celebrate it.

How many custom events can I make?

All servers are able to create one custom event, and premium servers can create up to 500.

Free servers can still create an event, have it pass, and then delete the old event and create a new one.

What is the event channel?

The event channel is where messages for custom events are sent.

Should we set a year for our custom event?

That depends. If you give a year for your custom event, the bot will only celebrate it for that year. So, if your custom event is specific to a certain year, yes. However, if you want your custom event to be celebrated every year, no, you shouldn't.

How do I edit a custom event's message?

In the /event view command it will show a message alias along with a break down of the event's custom message.

To edit anything about the message, use the typical /message edit command and give it the alias you got from the /event view command.

Learn more about custom messages and how to edit them here.

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