Welcome to the official Birthday Bot Documentation!
Example Birthday Announcement (Fully customizable):
In your Discord server, Birthday Bot will track your users' birthdays and, using their time zone, will celebrate their birthday through its customizable birthday role and message. Additionally, Birthday Bot can celebrate the anniversary of members joining the server and the anniversary of your server's creation!
If you haven't already, invite Birthday Bot to your discord here.


    Each user can set their birthday & time zone into the bot, which stores that information into a database allowing the bot to know on what day and what time zone to celebrate the user's birthday
    Use the Anniversary System to celebrate the anniversary of when members first joined the server and when the server was created.
    Server owners have heavy control over how, when, and what Birthday Bot does in their Discord
      Customization of the Celebration Messages (Message contents and design)
        There can be multiple custom messages, the bot will choose one random for each birthday/anniversary
      Customizable Birthday Role and/or Birthday/Anniversary Channels
      Custom Birthday/Anniversary Message Time
      Customizable Trusted Role System (Birthday System Only) - Using this system, server owners decide whose birthdays are celebrated in their Discord. Additionally, server owners can toggle whether the Trusted Role is only required to receive the Birthday Role or Birthday Message, or both.
      Ban specific users or roles from having their birthday celebrated using the birthday blacklist
    All birthdays are stored globally. This means if you have multiple Discord servers that you own or are in with Birthday Bot, your users will only have to input their birthday and time zone once.
    View upcoming birthdays/anniversaries.
    Clear your information from the database at any time.
    Near 24/7 up-time!
    Avoid having to vote to use some commands.
    Setup Member Anniversary Roles to celebrate how long members have been in your Discord
      For example, the 5-Year Veteran role can be set to be given on a member's five-year anniversary in your Discord.
    Setup Multiple Trusted Roles
      Use the RequireAllTrustedRoles setting to decide if users need all trusted roles or just one to have their birthday celebrated.
    More control over the Custom Message(s).
      Up to 500 custom birthday messages (vs 3 for free).
      Up to 500 custom member anniversary messages (vs 3 for free).
      Up to 500 custom server anniversary messages (vs 1 for free).
      Decide what color each custom message is (You can have a different color for each!)
        Decide which messages are embedded (Color setting only applies to messages that are embedded)
        One custom message per user
        Unlimited user-specific messages per server
    Support Development!
      Since I started Birthday Bot, I have maintained development and server cost completely out of my own expense; Birthday Bot Premium allows me to continue to maintain development as Birthday Bot continues to gain tens of thousands of servers each month.
      Subscriptions to Birthday Bot Premium go straight to server costs.

Support & Troubleshooting

Birthday Bot is a part of the Arilyn Bot family and any support, questions or feedback are welcome in our support Discord. Please visit our FAQ and setup guide, as well as previous user questions before contacting staff, thanks!
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