5.1 Update: Zodiac & Trusted Roles for Member Anniversaries!

Guide to the new 5.1 update.

Introducing the Zodiac System!

The zodiac system is now available for all premium servers and has three main features: Signs, Roles & emojis. Please note, a user who hasn't set their birthday, or who has their birthday hidden in a server, is not eligible for any part of the Zodiac System.

Zodiac Roles:

Servers are now able to set custom zodiac roles which the bot will give to users periodically, as well as at certain specific events. For the bot to give the roles, the AutomaticallyGiveRoles setting must be enabled, don't worry, by default it already is!

The first way users can get their zodiac role is by simply running the /claim_role option:Zodiac - Claim your missing zodiac role. command at any time, and if they don't already have a zodiac role, the bot will give them one based on their birthday.

Secondly, as mentioned previously, the bot will automatically give out zodiac roles in the following scenarios:

  • A user has their birthday celebrated

  • A user sets their birthday in your server

  • Randomly! The bot now slowly gives out missing zodiac roles a few every hour to help ensure everyone gets one!

Finally, a new placeholder, {Zodiac Role} can now be used and the Bot will replace it with the @ of the zodiac role for that message.

Zodiac Signs:

Premium servers can now use the {Zodiac Sign} prefix and Birthday Bot will replace it with the sign of whoever's birthday it is. For example, the custom message "Happy birthday {Users}! I didn't know you were a {Zodiac Sign}!" would be replaced to "Happy birthday Scott! I didn't know you were a Virgo!".

At this time English is the only supported language for zodiac signs.

Zodiac Emojis:

Premium servers can now also use the {Zodiac Emoji} placeholder which, much like the zodiac sign placeholder, will be replaced with the zodiac emoji equivalent, such as ♍! However, the default emojis can be a little boring, so servers can use the /zodiac set_emoji command to set their own custom zodiac emojis for the bot to use! Here is an example:

Trusted Roles for Member Anniversaries!

One of the first and most unique features Birthday Bot supports are trusted roles, a way to limit who has their birthday celebrated in a server, with it quickly expanding to allow server owners to decide if it will not just prevent the message/role, but also prevent a ping from being sent, prevent users from showing in commands, and supporting multiple trusted roles!

This system is now coming to Member Anniversaries, and will function nearly identical to birthdays, except now, there are trusted role settings for both birthdays and member anniversaries, separately.

Because of this, I broke out the trusted role settings into their own, /trusted_role edit command, and you no longer use the /config command to set these values.

Please note that preventing users from getting an anniversary message is free, however, the other settings will be premium only.

Bug fixes

Along with these awesome new features this update also included a ton of bug fixes with the big ones being:

  • Server Anniversaries are no longer based on when the bot joined the server

  • The member anniversaries list now takes into account the server time zone

  • Fixed the server name not showing in the premium activation message

Coming Soon!

If you have any other suggestions, join our support server here to suggest them!

  • Support for Premium through Discord

  • Early Birthday Reminders

  • Revamped /next command

  • User PFP as custom message image

  • Configuration in the length of the /list message

  • Multi-Lingual Support

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