Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Bot

Can I set birthdays for my users?

No, unfortunately, birthdays are stored globally this means your birthday in Discord A is the same as in Discord B. As a result, we cannot give server owners control over their user's information, due to it being able to affect other servers.

However, server admins can SUGGEST a birthday for a user. This means the admin can input all of the information but at the end, the user must confirm the inputted information.

Birthday Bot announced/gave the birthday role/message at the incorrect time?

There are two things that affect a birthday message time.

First is your guild server message time (Configure this with bday config message setTime <0-23>), if for example, you run this bday config message setTime 9 the birthday message will send at 9 am for the birthday user.

Secondly is the birthday user's time zone which is set when users run bday set. For example, if my time zone is America/New_York, and my guild message time (see above) is 9 am, the birthday role will be given at 12 am in America/New_York, and the birthday message will be sent at 9 am America/New_York.

If you are in a different time zone then the birthday user, the birthday message and/or the birthday role may appear to have sent at an incorrect time.

I entered my time zone as EST but Birthday Bot detected the wrong time zone?

As shown when a user runs bday set Birthday Bot does not accept abbreviated time zones like EST, UST, etc. However, even when users enter an incorrect time zone, Birthday Bot will attempt to find the best fit for the user. For example, entering newyork as your time zone will trigger the bot to detect America/New_York as your time zone, or in this case, entering EST as your time zone will trigger the bot to select the Australia/WEST time zone.

Do I need to set up the Trusted Role?

No, the trusted role falls under the category of "Optional Server Settings", this means the bot will run perfectly fine without having the trusted role set.

However, the trusted role system is a feature if servers need to limit which users should have their birthday celebrated. A good example of the trusted role system in use is our Discord support server. In our support server we have our trusted role set as the Staff role, this is so only our staff has their birthdays celebrated in the support server.

I can't find my time zone?

Kevin Novak has created a handy map time zone picker!

Simply click your location on the map, and use the name displayed in the drop-down box as your time zone.

You can then take your time zone name and use it in the bday set command

How many times can I set my birthday?

Each user can set their birthday & time zone five times.

I understand sometimes users may accidentally input the wrong information or switch time zones. However, I wanted to ensure users could not infinitely abuse the Birthday system by continuously setting their birthday. As a result, I decided to give a fixed number of "birthday sets" to address both concerns.

If you find yourself in a position where you are out of "birthday sets", exceptions to this fixed rule may apply to you, visit our support server to request assistance from a developer.

Why does Birthday Bot need my timezone?

Birthday Bot will use your timezone to know the exact hour to celebrate your birthday. If Birthday Bot did not know your timezone then it would most likely give your the birthday role and/or send the birthday message to early or too late.

Why does Birthday Bot only need my birth month and date?

Birthday Bot will use your birth month and day to decide when to celebrate your birthday. Birthday Bot does not take in birth years, as we view this as sensitive data that we do not wish to request from our users or share with other users.

What is the birthday channel?

The birthday channel is the channel where the bot will announce birthdays, however, it is not required for the bot to work. For example, if you do not set the birthday channel, Birthday Bot will only attempt to give birthday users the birthday role.

What is the birthday role?

The birthday role is the role the bot will give to users on their birthday, however, it is not required for the bot to work. For example, if you do not set the birthday role, Birthday Bot will only attempt to send a birthday message in the birthday channel.

What does it mean by the birthday role is actively removed?

Instead of tracking 24 hours after each birthday to remove the role, Birthday bot simply removes the role from anyone whose birthday it isn't every hour. This means you should refrain from making the Birthday Role a role that can be received by any other means.

What is the birthday message time?

The birthday message time is the hour which the bot will send the birthday message (In the birthday user's timezone). No matter what the birthday role (if set) will be given at 12am on the user's birthday and taken at 12am the next day. However, Birthday Bot allows you to customize the birthday message time so you aren't pinging "@everyone" or "@here" at midnight.

What is a custom birthday message?

Birthday Bot allows servers to customize the messages for user's birthdays. However, you can use the default birthday message built into the bot. If you do decide to use a custom birthday message, use the placeholder '<Users>' in your message which will be replaced with the users whose birthday it is.

Each server can set up to 100 custom birthday messages. The bot will choose one random birthday message to send each time.

What is the birthday message mention?

The birthday message mention setting decides which role or "group" to mention (@) when Birthday Bot sends the Birthday message. Acceptable values include everyone, here, @role/role-name, or none.

What is an embed?

An example of a message embed is to run the command bday help! You will notice the message is specially formatted using Discord API. By default the birthday message is embedded, however, if you use a link to a gif or image in your custom birthday message, they will not work in an embedded message, so turning this option off is what you would want.

What is the trusted prevents message/role?

The trusted role is the role that can be set up so a user needs it in order to have their birthday celebrated. If the setting Trusted Prevents Message is enabled/true, then only users with the trusted role will receive a birthday message. Likewise, if the setting Trusted Prevents Role is enabled/true, then only users with the trusted role will receive the birthday role. Please note: if the trusted role itself is not set, none of these settings will apply, and anyone with a birthday set will receive both a birthday message and the birthday role (assuming each is set).

Why am I required to vote?

I actively develop, host, and maintain Birthday Bot 100% free of charge, voting, is one of the most essential aspects of promoting Discord Bots and is essential in order to keep Birthday Bot growing. While I understand voting can be a pain, it is the only thing required to use and support Birthday Bot.

What is the birthday blacklist?

The birthday blacklist is an easy way for server owners to ban users from birthday bot in their discord. Instead of using something like the trusted system which decides who does have their birthday celebrated, the birthday blacklist is a list of people who do not have their birthday celebrated. The blacklist supersedes the trusted role system, meaning, someone who is both on the birthday blacklist and who has the trusted role, will still not have their birthday celebrated.

What is a user specific birthday message?

A user specific birthday message is a birthday message that will only be used for the specified user. Each user can only have one user specific message and on a user's birthday who has a user specific message, all other messages are ignored and Birthday Bot will always use their specific message.

What is the birthday message embed color?

The birthday message embed color is the color on the left side of the birthday message embed. This setting won't apply if your use embed setting is set to false.

I don't have permission to use that command.

Server configuration commands (and some sub-commands) require users to have the ADMINISTRATOR permission in order to use. However, if your server has set the Birthday Master Role users can use these commands if they have either.

How do I add an image/gif to my custom birthday message?

Simply add the link to your birthday message and then ensure the embed setting for birthday messages is false, do this by running: bday message embed false